Aug 16, 2013

SDL Trados Studio vs. memoQ: Translating Text Columns in Excel

Paul Filkin of SDL recently showed a few "little known gems" of SDL Trados Studio 2011 in one of his recent blog posts, which is quite useful for learning how to approach some not-so-rare project challenges with Trados Studio. Here I would like to share his video tutorial about one of those gems - how to translate multiple columns of text in an Excel file. (HINT: these embedded videos are easier to watch if you do that in full screen mode by toggling the icon at the lower right of the play window.)

memoQ can also translate Excel files with a similar structure, and here's how to do that, with a little bit of Dragon Naturally Speaking thrown in just for fun:


  1. Replies
    1. Oh! I misread the date, thought you had published last month. Well, I knew that SDL Trados had this function some time before it had been implemented in memoQ, and the differences are in fact betrayed by the way Kilgray mis-named the memoQ function. It's a bit odd to call something a "text" filter if it also supports Excel directly.

      Has the Studio filter now been upgraded to work directly with Excel, or do you still have to save CSV first?

  2. Thank you very much for these useful videos. I work in Trados but I am interested in buying MemoQ to import Excel files with columns and comments more easily.


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