Aug 9, 2013

memoQuickie: Exporting TMX from memoQ

Translators are often asked to export translation memory data (TMX files typically) to deliver with their work. Although this is fairly simple to do in memoQ, too often more than just the required data is sent by mistake.

Select the TM from which to export via Tools > Resource Console... > Translation memories or Project home > Translation memories.

Click Export to TMX to export all the data in the chosen TM.

If a selective export (just some of the data in the TM) is desired, click Edit, enter the filter criteria in the dialog that appears and click OK. It is also possible to filter in the editor view. Only the data shown will be included in the TMX file created.

The memoQ TM editor with filtered records shown. Click to enlarge.

Here is a "video tour" of the process:

Ten brownie points to anyone who can figure out where I "cheated" with the translation information shown in the video.


  1. You did not filter the segments of June of last year, but of 2013.

    Anyway, there is one more hidden feature, the project TM that directly exports a project-related (or a doc-related or a view-related) TM to TMX or other formats. Unfortunately it is hidden in the Stats dialogue (e.g. Swordfish has a simple menu command for this).

    If you are exporting a TM for a 100,000 word project, you have to do a (maybe long lasting) word count first to get access to the project TM. Not the best solution for a nice feature ...

    1. Torsten, you saved my day six years later! Or six years in advance, come to think of it.

      Thank you very much for the Project-related TM export hint!

      Best regards

  2. Thank you, Kevin! This video just saved my evening. :)

    1. You're welcome! The basics are not always as obvious as one might hope....

  3. Thank you so much for this video - awesome!!


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