Jul 19, 2013

Can a pig turd be kosher?

The response of grass-eating sheep to the outrageous proposal of scatalogically stupid unilateral rate reductions by our porcine pals at thebigword has revealed that said ovine entities do in fact have a healthy bit of the wolf under those fleeces that the LSP had hoped to shear with their acquiescence.

So much so that the overseers at The Translation Workhouse were overwhelmed with the task of removing comments contrary to Da RuleZ and, in the confusion of battle, even let a contribution from this embedded correspondent slip past the censors despite this earlier warning regarding a reference to my story on the contributions of a generous CEO to feeding the families of translators:

Subject: [ProZ.com Forums] Please, refrain from advertising.

Dear KSL Berlin,

This message is to inform you that your post http://www.proz.com/post/2168957 is not in line with site rule http://www.proz.com/siterules/general/3#3

The post is hidden from public view, but is editable and visible to you. You are kindly requested to edit it in line with this rule, so it can be made visible.

The blog linked to contains adverts.

Unauthorized commercial solicitation, sent via the forums is not allowed.

Paid advertising is available from ProZ.com in designated areas of the site.

For more info, see: http://www.proz.com/advertising

Thank you in advance for your understanding and future cooperation.

Russell Jones
ProZ.com moderator.

Volley after volley was fired in the Blue Board Battlegrounds as Site Staff fought a rearguard action to allow their corporate cash rat to scuttle safely back to its sewer. Exhausted from deleting and disallowing an untold number of black and truthful marks against the market-driven martyrs, the last survivor posted a plea for moderation before collapsing into a caffeine-resistant coma:

But the battle raged on in Twitspace and Facebook (a proud member of the NSA Partner Program), e-mail routes were ambushed and telephone contacts cut and cauterized. Throughout the day, Poop Managers (PMs) tried to deal with what had hit the fan and assure individual translators that their prior rates would be restored, but many were not fooled. Dirt was dug on executive compensation and expenses and thrown up in barricades whose crests were prickly as porcupine backs with bayonets fixed for the next approach of the wavering LSP.

Hold steady, and when you see the whites of their eyes....

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