Jul 6, 2013

Exporting from an SDL Trados Studio package project in memoQ

In memoQ 6.2 and later versions, Kilgray has enabled the import of SDL Trados Studio project packages, SDLPPX files, for translation in memoQ. A wizard automatically creates a memoQ project from the SDL package, and TM information which is included is transferred to a memoQ TM. Other information, such as MultiTerm terminologies, analysis files and QA instructions are not included, however. So this solution is not suitable for every case.

However, it is more than adequate to handle the dozen or so SDLPPX files I've been given to translate myself so far. Most of my clients do not use very many of the features in SDL Trados Studio, so typically files to translate and a translation memory are all they try to send to me. If there is more, I can always use my licensed copy of the SDL software as an intermediate stage.

However, once a project package has been imported to memoQ and translated, there is sometimes trouble with the return package. Typically, some files in a multi-file project are "forgotton".

To include all files in the SDL Trados Studio return package, you must select all of them, and then click Export (stored path). This will create the SDLRPX file in the same folder from which you imported the SDLPPX file. Only selected files will be included in the package.

The other option for exporting project files is Export (dialog). This will export individual SDLXLIFF files for the translation documents in the memoQ project.

Here is a short video on YouTube showing this process:


  1. Hello Kevin,

    do you know of a way to display the path the return package is bein saved too? I know that it is the same path the project package was in upon import. But sometimes I forget where this folder was.

    Best regards

  2. @SC - Yes. Look at the information on the Translations list. You might have to resize the column to read a long path name, but the import and export paths are listed there for each document.


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