Jul 14, 2013

Resolve it with Kilgray Support

It's been some time now since Kilgray introduced a ticket system for its support issues. It seems to work well on the whole, and I do like being able to look at the ticket history when I am logged in to the system to read a response to a question or a bug report I've sent.

The main problem for me with Kilgray's support ticket system Resolve isn't Kilgray's problem. It's mine. Sometimes the responses sent by e-mail don't arrive in my inbox. I am sure this is something with my system, because e-mail correspondence with some clients and colleagues disappears down the same dark hole sometimes, even though messages before and after in a sequence will arrive. Don't tell me to look in my Spam folder, etc. - I know that drill well enough after decades of e-mail.

So sometimes I start to wonder about the status of a Kilgray support ticket. Or I get an automated e-mail from the system saying that because I have not responded to a request for more information for a zillion hours, the ticket will be closed. Or I want to look up an old ticket for information it contains, and I have deleted all the e-mails with links. Then I go directly to the Support system and log in.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a link to the support ticket system on the usual Kilgray web site (not yet). If there is, I can't find it. So I enter its address directly in my browser:


Some tickets can be submitted there without logging in to the system. Once you have logged in, all of your current and past support tickets will be visible, and you can read the information, re-open a ticket or rate the support you received.

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