Jun 25, 2012

Where to go for memoQ help and information

memoQ users have a variety of resources to rely on for help and information for learning and troubleshooting. These include:

Kilgray resources
Support department – support@kilgray.com
User guides - kilgray.com/resource-center/user-guides
Training videos - kilgray.com/resource-center/training-videos
Regularly scheduled live webinars - kilgray.com/news-and-events/webinars
Recorded webinars - kilgray.com/resource-center/recorded-webinars
Trainers list - kilgray.com/resource-center/trainings/trainers 

Third-party resources
Translators Training basics video - translatorstraining.com/mat/presentazioni/Memoq.htm
memoQ Yahoo! group (English) - tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/MemoQ/
memoQ Yahoo! group (German) - de.groups.yahoo.com/group/memoQ_de/
Marek Pawelec’s blog (English & Polish) - wasaty.pl/blog/tag/memoq/
Translation Tribulations blog - translationtribulations.com/search/label/MemoQ
WikiBooks - en.wikibooks.org/wiki/CAT-Tools/MemoQ 

There are also assistance forums on commercial portals and professional association sites. The value of some of these is severely limited by policies affecting user privileges, access and expression.

If there are other worthwhile resources in any language that I've missed, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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  1. See also http://www.roxomatic.de/tag/memoq/


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