Jun 9, 2012

memoQuickie: quality assurance profiles

memoQ’s QA features help catch errors and improve consistency, but the default options enabled can be overwhelming. I prefer simpler, focused QA for a few tasks like checking terms and tags. QA profiles are under Tools > Resource console... > QA settings 

or  Tools > Options... > Default resources > QA settings

The checkmarked profile is the default for new projects.

To make a new profile, clone an existing one, rename and edit it. The defaults settings are:

To do a check, select Operations > Run QA... and choose what to examine:

The results show the segment number (row) and error type. Clicking the Description header sorts the list alphabetically, making it easier to fix similar problems systematically. To look up terms it is necessary to switch to a tab for a document or termbase.

To change the QA profile used, go to Project home > Settings > QA settings:

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