Jun 16, 2012

memoQuickie: comparing target text versions

One way to compare versions of a translation in memoQ (for example, after editing) is to use the source text version comparison features. This is a workaround which I hope will be implemented as a feature some day.

With versioning activated in your project (Project home > Settings > Document versioning), import the target texts as if they were source texts, using Reimport > No (and a search for the other file version) to create a version history. Then select History/Reports... from the context menu of the file in the Project home > Translations list.

Select the "major versions" of interest and export a two-column view of the changes.

This view will be an HTML file.

The columnar comparison of the two versions shows differences highlighted and some statistics on them.

Alternatively, document comparison features in Microsoft Word can be used, but this method applies to all file types.


  1. In memoQ 5, the comparison method described here (generating the HTML table) requires the Project Manager edition. However, this feature will be part of the Translator Pro edition in memoQ 6.

    Versioning features in memoQ have a lot of room for improvement and currently lag behind SDL Trados Studio (which includes accepting/rejecting tracked changes). Thus I expect a lot of change and interesting developments from the Kilgray creative team in the future!

  2. Susan StarlingJune 16, 2012 1:42 PM

    Excellent idea Kevin! For Word documents it might still be easier to use the document comparison feature so as to see exactly what has changed rather than just which segment, but it's great that you've discovered this workaround for other file formats. And I too am looking forward to whatever brilliant solutions the Kilgray team will come up with here for the future. :-)


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