Jun 27, 2012

21 lucky translators can't pass this one up, surely?

From: Ricky Ricardo
To: (a list of 21 lucky sworn translators in the Berlin area)
Subject: Translation order for ENG - Ricky Ricardo


I would like to order certified translations from German to English from you for the documents in the attachment for purposes of submission to a bank in Spain.

Please consider the following information in calculating your fee:

- 3a_RicardoR_PaySlipsMarMay2012: Translation of the two pay records
- 3TC_RicardoR_TaxCard_CinterionWM
- 4_RICARDO PERON, RICARDO - Income Tax Declaration2011: Total cost and per page
- 4_RICARDO PERON, RICARDO - Income Tax Statement 2011:
Total cost and per page (1,2 and 4)
- 4TC_
- 5_
RicardoR_CreditBureauSCHUFA_Certification_201206: Total cost and per page (1,3 and 4)

Can you accept this job? If so, how much would it cost? Please include an overview of the corresponding amounts for each individual document.

Please indicate the time for processing and possibly suggestions as to whether it is possible to translate only the relevant lines or pages with information (particularly for the documents where "total cost and per page" is indicated). How would the amount be re-calculated in this case?

If you have separate questions regarding this assignment, please feel free to send me your questions. I look forward to your answer; thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Ricky Ricardo

Dear Ricky,

Thank you for taking the time to research the names and e-mail addresses of so many qualified colleagues from the online translators' directory of the German translators' association BDÜ. Some of that effort might have been better invested in considering whether a mass mailing of this sort will really produce the desired result of detailed costing based on unclear instructions.
Fortunately, there are some service providers eminently qualified to provide you with the service you deserve. The Eurozone Translations Group (http://www.eurozonetranslations.com/) has all the right stuff to stuff that translation where it needs to go.

Best regards,

Kevin Lossner


  1. Not bad, but I can go one better: At the beginning of this month, I and 37(!) other people, all sworn translators from the Leipzig area (as far as I can tell), received a mail from someone asking for the price of having a certificate of incorporation and articles of association for a trading company translated, which were attached to the mail.

    To top it of, quoted at the end of that message was a reply to the sender from the project manager of a well-known online translation mill, asking for more information.

    I was too busy to reply, unfortunately...



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