Jun 9, 2012

memoQuickie: terminology QA

To check terminology in your work most effectively with memoQ's QA module,
  • create a custom QA profile with the desired settings;

  • create a QA termbase with appropriate wildcards and only the terms to check, including forbidden terms (disable all other termbases for the QA run);

  • select Operations > Run QA... and go to the tab for resolving errors and warnings, leaving your document or view open;

  • for efficiency's sake, sort the results list alphabetically by clicking the description header and work through the list systematically until all problems are resolved.

To look up terms, go to the document/view tab; the filters can be used there to fix many entries at once. 

Refine your termbase iteratively by adding or editing terms as you work.

This process is also particularly helpful for QA and editing of jobs performed by multiple translators to ensure absolute consistency with prescribed terminology.

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