Jun 14, 2012

memoQuickie: editing source text in memoQ

In most translation environment tools, the source text is protected against modification. This is usually a good thing, as it prevents accidental changes. However, sometimes it is desirable to change typographical errors, OCR conversion errors or make minor updates to a source text during the translation process to maintain TM quality, etc. memoQ allows this.

The screenshot above has two OCR errors marked. To correct the source in a segment, place your cursor in it and select Edit > Edit Source or press F2 to allow editing. The source segment being edited will have a green highlighted background:

After you are done correcting a source segment, click elsewhere in the editing window; the green highlighting will disappear and the changes will be saved. Here are the two segments after correction:


  1. Lucky memoQ users. With Crados 2011 you cannot change the source text.

  2. Well, that's another reason why memoQ doesn't have many users, just mostly fans ;-) Actually, Déjà Vu allows source editing too, and this was something I found myself doing in a great many assignments. It's a very useful feature in any tool.

  3. This is saving me a lot of time today in a very messy text. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Is there any possibility to replace all occurences in the source text?

    1. Not at this point (version 8.1) directly in the program. However, you can probably export an RTF bilingual, make all the changes you like to the source column and then re-import that. I would make search and replace in the source text of the memoQ translation grid itself a feature request.


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