Jun 14, 2012

memoQuickie: editing source text in memoQ

In most translation environment tools, the source text is protected against modification. This is usually a good thing, as it prevents accidental changes. However, sometimes it is desirable to change typographical errors, OCR conversion errors or make minor updates to a source text during the translation process to maintain TM quality, etc. memoQ allows this.

The screenshot above has two OCR errors marked. To correct the source in a segment, place your cursor in it and select Edit > Edit Source or press F2 to allow editing. The source segment being edited will have a green highlighted background:

After you are done correcting a source segment, click elsewhere in the editing window; the green highlighting will disappear and the changes will be saved. Here are the two segments after correction:


  1. Lucky memoQ users. With Crados 2011 you cannot change the source text.

  2. Well, that's another reason why memoQ doesn't have many users, just mostly fans ;-) Actually, Déjà Vu allows source editing too, and this was something I found myself doing in a great many assignments. It's a very useful feature in any tool.

  3. This is saving me a lot of time today in a very messy text. Thanks for the tip.


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