Feb 1, 2011

Seminar schedule for BDÜ Baden-Württemberg (February and March 2011)

I received the following interesting notice in my inbox this morning, which I would like to share for the benefit of those within reasonable traveling distance to Baden-Württemberg. 

What does it take to successfully manage a translation business, large or small?
Why is it a smart idea to visit industry events and trade fairs to acquire new customers?
What should a professional translator know about electrical engineering, to target customers from the sector?
How can interpreters develop their personal technique for taking notes?
And what about human anatomy?

Answers to all these questions will be provided at the upcoming seminars and workshops hosted by BDÜ Baden-Württemberg, the South-Western Germany section of the largest German professional association for translators and interpreters.

Seminars and workshops – February and March 2011:

12-13 Feb 2011 (2 days)                Language services providers as entrepreneurs (Stuttgart)
19 Feb 2011 (1 day)                        A different approach for winning customers: advertising at trade fairs (Heidelberg)
11-12 Mar 2011 (2 days)               Fundamentals of electrical engineering, with a focus on renewable energy (Mannheim)
19-20 Mar 2011 (2 days)               Note-taking techniques for interpreters, part 1 (Stuttgart)
26-27 Mar 2011 (2 days)               Medical translations from an anatomist's perspective (Stuttgart)

An online registration form (for BDÜ members, as well as non-members) and pricing details are available on http://www.bdue.de/de/081000.php?miv=bw

Do you find some of these topics interesting? Join us for some stimulating training sessions. We look forward to welcoming you. For more details or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on piccirillo@bdue.de.

With kind regards,

Daniela Piccirillo

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I'll be at the Stuttgart seminar. It is part of an excellent seminar series on anatomy, I already took part twice in 2009 (same series, different core theme). Highly recommended!


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