May 31, 2010

The Oberhaveler Stammtisch returns!

This is a somewhat belated announcement, but hey - life is busy. Last year a group of local translators met regularly at a local Italian restaurant to enjoy a relaxing evening of wine and gossip until vacation schedules and the closure of the locale put things on hold. I wanted to revive things for many months, but I simply lacked the time for organization. Then one happy day, colleague Andreas Linke (NL/EN > DE) called to say hello and ask if I might be interested in a local gathering. Andreas has organized a translators' coffee chat in Berlin Kreuzberg for years (which in fact Jost Zetsche had recommended highly, for an extensive list of such meetings in Germany, see, but I never found the time to go into town and meet him. He kindly offered to take over the burden of organizing the local meetings, so I passed on the e-mail addresses of our little group.

Gatherings are planned for the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. Our first get-together was in April at a local coffee house in Birkenwerder. Here are a few photos from the evening:

That's possibly the worst picture of me in the past decade. I didn't have that much to drink, really. Although the atmosphere and food in the restaurant were well suited to such a meeting, the attitude of the service personnel at Kaffeehaus Birkenwerder made it clear why some of the reviews on Qype were not very favorable. After my partner tried to meet us shortly before 10 pm and was turned away at the door, I resolved never to set foot in that joint again.

The following month (May) we switched to a beautiful lakeside restaurant about 10 minutes walk from the city rail station:

A bit more expensive, but you can't beat the view and the service is great. We had a good time; wine and beer flowed freely and everything eventually went to the dogs:

 So it looks like our new meeting location every third Thursday at 7 pm will be
Gasthaus am Boddensee
Brieseallee 20
16547 Birkenwerder

Anyone who would like to get added to the notification mailing list should contact Andreas Linke (linke.andreas [at]

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  1. Funny to see that some colleagues cannot cut the ties binding them to their computer.
    As per myself, I would surely like to travel to Berlin some day (as there is nothing -or not much- to my knowledge going on in the Saarland region)...
    Hört ihr mich, saarländische Kollegen? :)


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