May 19, 2010

My cell runneth over

Once again I'm sitting over a patent translation, and like many German patent source texts, this one has some damned loooooong sentences. That used to drive me nuts when Déjà Vu was my primary translation environment tool. I was constantly changing the view to use lower fonts and rearranging the panes in my working window to try to get a full view of the current segment cell for translation and editing. Often, in desperation, I would introduce segment breaks where I could at the start of some dependent clauses. With memoQ I don't have to go through that any more. If there is too much text in a cell to see it all at once, a vertical scrollbar appears to facilitate editing. This makes the interface a lot friendlier when dealing with really large chunks of text:

Now some fans of the Word macro interface for the classic Trados Workbench and its clones may point out that this isn't a problem with that interface. Quam tauri merda. Try working with those macros for a sentence that covers more than half a page. No fun at all.

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  1. I had some patents to translate. The MS Word macros are not too good in such cases - and I refrained from using TagEditor as the Word file was an unedited OCR output :-S.


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