Apr 24, 2009

Upcoming in MemoQ: external views

One of the few remaining gripe points I have with MemoQ as a TEnT solution is the inability to export comments and other selected portions of the project data (source and target text) in a RTF table for review by customers or correction by another translator working without TEnT tools. During a break in this morning's MemoQ Fest conference, I cornered Gábor Ugray after his excellent presentation on MemoQ development and asked him for a timeframe for this feature, which I have been told by other Kilgray staff is "in the works" and will "be there soon".

Gábor said "most likely by the end of this year". I'll choose to interpret that as "this year" and I look forward to seeing it at least in a beta version by December 31, 2009. Thank you, Gábor.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it seems that this will most certainly be implemented on v4.0, which should be there by end of September / early October.


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