Apr 19, 2009

Dogs in Translation

As some of you may have noticed, dogs play a pretty big role in my daily routine. When I'm not translating stacks of technical documentation, patents, etc. I'm often off in the woods with my dog doing tracking exercises, watching him play with other dogs or running off to a training session. It's a fairly international preoccupation too, as we try to glean the information we need from sources in many countries around the world. For the past week we've been in Denmark for a breeding appointment set up by a Dutch enthusiast, next week I hope to visit a Hungarian kennel after the MemoQ Fest is over and much of the week I've been trying to digest training literature and information in five languages (which gives me indigestion, as I've only mastered two of them).

As a way of keeping track of all the useful multilingual and international information we've been gathering for our hunting dogs, my partner and I have launched another blog focusing on our dog-related activities. It uses Wordpress, so this is also a good excuse for me to practice with that tool for a possible migration of this blog in the future or the launching of a possible German translation blog later this year. A few months ago I set up an account in Germany with the provider ALL-INKL.COM after it was recommended by some BDÜ colleagues. I have been using a domain there to test a new template for a relaunch of our business site, and I have been very pleased with the service. Today I was even more pleased when the new domain for the dog blog was up and running in less than ten minutes. I was quite shocked at how efficiently everything worked. And the Wordpress software is so straightforward that I don't think I'll have to provide much technical support to my other half for administration, which pleases me enormously.

In any case, I am very grateful to those who recommended ALL-INKL.COM. I really couldn't ask for better hosting service, and I gladly endorse it for anyone in Germany who is looking for a good place to host a business or personal web site.

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