Apr 24, 2009

Live from MemoQ Fest 2009: Day 2, afternoon session & wrap-up

The afternoon session of MemoQ featured three presentations, all of which dealt with various aspects of integration in the business of language services. Angela Starkmann, an independent consultant, project manager and translator from Bavaria discussed "Integrated communication tools for translation professionals". Gábor Faragó explored the difficult choices facing small multiple language vendors with regard to translation management systems. Daniel Rejtö followed with the last poresentation of the day on the integrated future of translation projects. There was a lot of good information in the talks, but general tiredness from last night's celebration impeded my concentration and comprehension, and I hope to get hold of some of the presentation slides off the web site for the event or elsewhere, because there is information there I would like to review and share with some of my clients.

The official event ended with a Q&A session with the Kilgray management board moderated by Jost Zetzsche. There were a lot of tough questions and a lot of good answers, reinforcing my impression that the company is very open to the concerns of its users and interested in information exchange. Given the deafening silence from Atril (the company which publishes my favorite TEnT tool, DVX), this is a great relief and inspires a lot of confidence in the future of the company and its products. I particularly liked István Lengyel's comment that he and the other two company founders "eat their own dog food", i.e. they still actively work as translators and use their own technology to do so. When I was a systems consultant for EASY Software AG, one of the major stumbling blocks to the improvement of the company's products in my opinion (shared by many others in the company) was the fact that the product was hardly used internally.

Overall, I've been enormously impressed by everything I've learned about the Kilgray team and its product plans in the past few days. None of us know what the translation landscape will look like in five years, but I won't be at all surprised if Kilgray is a major landmark in it.

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