Jun 5, 2017

Optimizing term properties for many entries in a memoQ termbase

Terminology: On my wishlist: an easier way to deal with termbases imported into MemoQ in Studio packages. Especially annoying: the habit of many Studio users capitalizing termbase entries & thus torpedoing recognition. It would seem the default setting in MultiTerm is fuzzy matching.

memoQ is noted for its compatibility with SDL Trados Studio files and projects; with the latest release of memoQ (version 8.1) there is apparently full compatibility with tracked changes in SDLXLIFF files and with Studio's translation quality assurance. However, there are apparently a few little points remaining to satisfy some.

The opening comment is from a colleague who seems to experience less than optional matching for terminology which is imported as part of a memoQ project using an SDL Trados Studio package (SDLPPX). The solution to this person's frustration is fairly simple, however, and it is useful in many other cases where the properties of terms in a memoQ glossary are not well optimized.

Many people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to change any of the term properties for a large number of terms at once. To do this, simply open the memoQ termbase for editing and select the terms to change. Multiple selections can be made by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the desired range of rows or by using the control key to mark individual selections. Then simply set the desired property (such as fuzzy matching) and the change will be applied to all of the selected terms.

About four years when fuzzy term matching was introduced by Kilgray I made a short video about this. The memoQ interface is a little different since then but the procedure works just as well today:

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