Dec 12, 2012

Studio Steps: where to find help on SDL Trados Studio

Guest post by Jayne Fox

I’m an avid reader of the Translation Tribulations blog and have enjoyed collaborating with Kevin on projects in the past, so I was delighted when Kevin asked me to help kick off a new series of blog posts on SDL Trados Studio. The series is called Studio Steps and will be published alternately on Translation Tribulations and Between Translations with references to the site with the current post. The aim of the series is to provide translators who use Trados Studio with tips for some of the most common scenarios and trouble spots that they might encounter. To start us off, I’ve put together an overview of where to find help on Trados Studio. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to add other useful sources of help in the comments below.

SDL resources
SDL Language Technologies Support
Provides support for licensing and installation issues, plus full support for other issues if you have a support contract 

SDL Trados Studio 2011 Documentation
Release notes, Trados Studio help, and help on upgrading from Trados 2007 and SDLX to SDL Trados Studio 2011
Start / All Programs / SDL / SDL Trados Studio 2011 / Documentation /
Release Notes
SDL Trados Studio 2011 Help
SDL Trados Studio 2011 Migration Guide
SDL Trados Studio Quick Start Guides

Introductory guides to:
Project management
TM management
Translating and reviewing documents
Start / All Programs / SDL / SDL Trados Studio 2011 / Documentation / Quick Start Guides / English:
Project Management
TM Management
Translating and Reviewing (also available here)
SDL MultiTerm Documentation
Help on using MultiTerm and converting dictionaries and other termbases into MultiTerm format
Start / All Programs / SDL / SDL MultiTerm 2011 / Documentation /
SDL MultiTerm 2011 Help
SDL MultiTerm 2011 Termbase Creation Guide
SDL Online Help
Online help for SDL Trados Studio and MultiTerm
SDL Knowledge Base
New articles added regularly. Includes tips on licensing and installation and common issues. Subscribe by RSS or follow #sdlkb on Twitter.

Browse the knowledge base for other resources such as FAQs and a glossary
SDL Translation Zone
Links to help on:
Installation and licensing
Logging a support case
SDL Knowledge Base
Online product help
Tips and tricks
Video tutorials

You can browse the Translation Zone for other useful resources and downloads, useful links and the OpenExchange.
Non-technical support: contact SDL

Contact form and live chat for support with purchases, certification and training
SDL Trados YouTube channel
A wide range of help videos
SDL’s Paul Filkin on Twitter
Paul is the Director of Client Communities for SDL Language Technologies.
SDL OpenExchange
Offers useful applications to get more from Studio as well as a number of resources for manuals, guides, AutoSuggest dictionaries, termbases, etc.
SDL QuickStart
SDL new starters forum

Third-party resources & user groups

SDL Trados Studio Manual You can buy this comprehensive manual for Trados Studio 2009 or 2011, written by Mats Linder or
SDL Trados Studio 2009 Handbook (in Polish) By Jerzy Czopik, available by mail order
CATguruEN videos Dominique Pivard’s YouTube videos on Trados Studio
Yahoo Unofficial SDL Trados Usergroup Yahoo user group

multifarious by Paul Filkin Paul Filkin is the Director of Client Communities for SDL Language Technologies
Translation Tribulations Blog by Kevin Lossner
Between Translations Blog by Jayne Fox
Signs & Symptoms of Translation Blog by Emma Goldsmith
My Migration to Trados Studio 2009 Blog by Tuomas Kostiainen about Trados Studio 2009 and 2011
Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching, and Other Stuff Blog by Nora Díaz


About the author: Jayne Fox is a German to English translator for business, technology and health care. Jayne has a background in science, training, technical writing and management and has been translating professionally since 1996. You can contact her through her website and you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Nice to see you doing a guest post, Jayne! Here's another blog that might be of interest:

  2. Hi Jayne, a great idea to complement MemoQuickies and make Kevin's blog a truly comprehensive resource on quality CAT tools.
    (Just recommended the SDL Manual among my Chistmas picks, well, sort of... on my blog)

  3. Hi Jayne, thank you so much for this links, they're very useful!


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