Nov 23, 2010

Something completely different: Language2Language

Janet Rubin has been one of my best recommendations for a while for certain specialties in my German to English language combination. My former partner has proofread her work for over a decade, and every time I saw a contract or other text she translated, I was pleased with the result and found very little if anything to criticize.

For years, her web site consisted of a quick list of contact information (sort of like mine at present, after I took it down for re-planning). With active telephones for the US, Germany and Australia, the list reflected her fast-paced international lifestyle. I copied and pasted it into more recommendation e-mails than I'll ever remember. All the time, however, she kept telling me about the web site that was "in the works" and "coming soon".

When I needed to look up her e-mail address to check her availability for a proofreading job recently, I went to as usual expecting to find the old list. There I discovered that I had missed the rollout party. Instead I was greeted by one of the most interesting, sophisticated web sites I've seen in a while for a freelance translator. I worry about how it will play for customers with lousy bandwidth, but it looks rather good on my DSL connection, and the information on it is comprehensive and well-organized. I like it, though I'm not generally a fan of fancy animation on web sites.

The site is available in English and German. Have a look; I'm sure you'll agree that it is something completely different!


  1. Yes it is different, indeed! I like it very much and I think it reflects Janet's attitude to doing business very well. Good idea to post it here!

  2. Thank you to two of my biggest fans. ;-)

  3. I think it looks great. Very innovative. Since it looks targeted at corporates, maybe the broadband issue is a bit of a non-issue?

    (OK I concede that those looking on mobile devices may not have a lot of bandwidth to play with.)

    My main gripe with flash though is the inability to resize it so that the text is the size I want it to be. (Although it gives the designer full control, it takes it away from the user).

    It does look fantastic though. Well done Janet.

  4. Good point about mobile devices, Alex. That's been an issue for some service provider sites I work with, and I suppose this is something to consider in design.

    @Janet: It's hard not to be a fan of your work. I've been thanked by quite a number of discerning clients for recommending you, and you've done a great job for me as an editor cleaning up my muddle-headed text.

  5. @Kevin: One of these days I will ask you to type all that out in a glowing testimonial that I can put on the website. Your own url and logo will be shown there - free advertising! :)

    @Alex: Thank you for the props! Much appreciated!


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