Nov 3, 2010

Long-awaited Déjà Vu X update released (Build 335)

The following notice was received today via the dejavu-l list on Yahoogroups, one of the best sources for information and support for Déjà Vu users. Build 335 includes the following fixes/improvements:
  • Added support for Adobe InDesign CS5 IDML
  • Added support for Office 2010
  • Performance improvements to SGML/XML filters (including Adobe InDesign INX and Office 2007/2010)
  • Performance improvements to DOC/RTF filter
  • Performance improvements to XLIFF filter
  • Improvements in MIF filter handling of markers and character sets
  • Number-only segments present in the TM are now retrieved correctly
  • Fixed bugs in XLIFF filter
  • Fixed performance issues when using TeaM Server with AutoSearch enabled
  • Fixed a bug in match sorting for AutoSearch/Assemble
  • Fixed a bug where PowerPoint 2007/2010 slides were imported in the wrong order
  • Fixed issues with missing spaces in Office 2007/2010 files
  • Fixed bugs in AutoSearch
  • Fixed bugs in Assemble
  • Fixed bugs with renumbered matches
  • Fixed issues with incorrect characters in External Views
  • Fixed bugs in the Alignment Wizard grid
The update can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the Atril website or directly from one of the following URLs:
The link for the full setup package is

As usual, it is  recommended that you unplug your dongle before updating, since the installer will need to update the dongle drivers. If you are prompted for the location of the drivers when plugging your dongle back in (this is a signal that the old drivers were not updated properly), you can point Windows to the \Dongle subfolder of your DVX installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle).

Version 8 of the application, expected to be released in 2009, is on schedule to arrive before Godot.

Update: The word on the Yahoo user list is that there are a number of bugs in the new build and there have been two "patches" for it already. Some of the issues seem to be very configuration-specific. I'm going to wait a while with the upgrade myself until the bug reports on the list subside.

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  1. With OmegaT I never have to worry about bug fixes. Why are there constant bugs that constantly need to be fixed in TRADOS and other CAT tools ? Could it be that OmegaT is free and they are not ?


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