Jun 12, 2021

The right Ideas venue for #memoQ in #xl8

To request access to the memoQ Ideas Portal, e-mail ideas@memo.com


Yesterday I had an interesting chat with some of the memoQ team involved with the new Regex Assistant in memoQ 9.8, and before we finished, one of the fellows in the session offered me a tour of that "development portal" described in a January 2021 blog post but which I had never accessed myself, having seen similar user forums for other tools go straight down the toilet after many people had invested a lot of effort in them. However, in this case, I was quite surprised by the quality of what I saw, and then tweeted:

This thing really does look good, and I don't mean just its clean appearance:

As far as I can tell, the thing is implemented with WordPress; it uses gravatars for those users who want to have a chosen image appear by their posts and comments. The official company explanation of the portal, its purpose and how to use it is here.

One user had this comment about the new platform for suggestions:
Although memoQ's support team is generally excellent, they deal with tens of thousands of users and their ongoing troubles, and the form letters they used to send for requested features often had a somewhat impersonal feel, which frustrated many people. And there was little chance to see if others had similar requests or to discuss these. All that has changed for the better with this new portal.

The most encouraging thing for me, however, is the clear commitment to this platform which I saw in the memoQ product owner, Zsolt Varga, in a group chat with another responsible person. He's a consummate professional and no bullshitter, and it's clear he plans to watch the portal closely to inform efforts of many kinds with memoQ software.

So, for now I have abandoned my initial reservations about yet another user campaign, and I am taking this as seriously as the decision-makers I trust are. My friends at memoQ will probably also welcome the respite from late-night e-mails and Skype harangues about things I feel are harming the productivity of many of my LSP and independent friends in the translation sector. Many people in the translation world, including some of my closest friends, mistake what I actually do. For more than twenty years now, I have been more of a consultant, occasionally a developer for translation workflow solutions and training or coaching. Yes, I translate a lot, though less in recent years as I prepare for a quiet retirement with my ducks and goats, but I have this bad habit as a former research scientist of turning almost every freakin' translation project into some kind of study, though my clients are usually spared the knowledge and the burden of results from these studies. Most of my time lately is spent training translators and project managers privately. So in any case, I am really, really chuffed, as my British friends would put it, to see the memoQ Ideas Portal, which is, I believe, the best venue so far for memoQ users of every kind to tell the makers what we really need.

So take your ideas and wishes for a better memoQ here: https://ideas.memoq.com/

And now I have to get off my ass and contribute, or I'm going to lose a bet and have to pick up a really, really big bar tab at the next memoQ Fest. So won't you join me? At the Portal, I mean. Well, in Budapest at the next memoQ Fest too, assuming we all manage to get our vaccinations and don't die of the next plague or get blown up by all those jihadis for other CAT tools out there....

We need better backups! Vote for this!!!


  1. David HardistyJune 12, 2021 5:23 PM

    I had an online meeting with one of the development team this week to discuss my suggestion of a Backup feature so when you reinstall Windows or transfer to a new computer, you can run memoQ as you were doing. It seems they want to extend this to a much more comprehensive Backup feature. This followed the placing of the idea on the portal. Impressed!

    1. I don't know if you've had the same experience yet, David, but I found it very helpful to read through the suggestions, even the daft ones and those that are simply ignorant of existing features. These give me a lot of information about ways in which user education and communication might be improved, and I've already been inspired by a few "ideas" to create some more solutions to share with you, your students and many others.

    2. It's interesting to see the results. Some things that have frustrated me for years are getting no votes, such as https://ideas.memoq.com/ideas/PUBL-I-150, even though it's a clear bug that totally messes up a translation, whereas my suggestion of being able to edit auto-translations from the translation environment is something I thought of on the spur of the moment just the other day, yet it's got more views than any of my other suggestions.

      And I would LOVE being able to export the source text with comments attached to it, but doesn't seem a priority to many others.

      I guess we all have different workflows.

    3. Timothy, there is a LOT that should be added to export functions. I would simply like to export the source document in many cases - like I can do in Trados Studio - without going through this monkey business of copying source to target. And adding comments and mark-up from changes or re-imports (new version) to it would be even better (think: corrections & suggestions). With regard to changes between versions, there is that history function that compares major versions, but it could use quite a lot of work to indicate the actual differences, not just that there is a difference (which might be as little as a comma). Ah well, you've got me started and further along towards avoiding that bar tab, thanks :-)


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