Dec 28, 2018

SDLTM to TMX conversion update (without SDL Trados Studio)

From time to time I hear from colleagues or read social media posts from people who have been given particular SDL reference resources to use (like an SDLTM file for translation memory or an SDLTB termbase file). But without a license to the corresponding SDL software, it can be troubling to deal with these formats and convert them into files which are easily imported into other environments, such as memoQ, WordFast, OmegaT or whatever.

There are a number of solutions to this problem published on YouTube, and memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd. (mQtech, the solution artists formerly known as "Kilgray") even has a nice help page in their knowledgebase, but all the solutions I have seen so far are either a bit dated, or they omit some information which might help to avoid problems.

The best free solution I have seen is the one described on the mQtech knowledgebase page, but the current description still leaves a few potential stumbling blocks.

There are two pieces to the solution:


  1. The script Kilgray refers to has long been replaced by a Java program (, which also works well, especially if you don't use Windows.

  2. @TvNellen
    thanks a lot!
    and to Kevin as well
    just used it after a PM sent me a SDLTM file then jumped out of the office for the weekend ;-)


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