Dec 4, 2018

New URL search for IATE terminology

There was some consternation recently among translators who use the EU's IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe) terminology database with web search tools integrated in their translation environments such as OmegaT, SDL Trados Studio or memoQ. Quite a number of colleagues emphasized the need for URL parameter searching, and the IATE development team has now responded by implementing exactly that.

Here is how the new URL parameters might look in the memoQ Web Search settings, for example:

The basic format uses three important parameters: term (the expression to look for), sl (the source language) and tl (the target language). So a search for the French term for the German word Eisen (iron) would look like:

Thanks to Zsolt Varga of the memoQ team for notifying users of the IATE search upgrade via social media!


  1. As always, invaluable tips for us translation worker bees..
    Thanks Kevin!

  2. what does it mean when a translation is marked as Preferred in IATE ? ¿ Preferred by whom ?

    Look the second entry on this page :

  3. Thank you indeed for sharing this tip! I thought with Iate's new site I wouldn't be able to use a custom search engine anymore. And a great thank you as well for all those involved in solving this issue! :)


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