Mar 28, 2017

The "Revision Club"

Colleague Simon Berrill, who works from Catalan, Spanish and French into English, writes a rather thoughtful blog which I have enjoyed very much in recent months. His latest post, "Better Together", describes a rather interesting mutual review arrangement, a linguists' triangle, which I thing could be an interesting and beneficial thing for translators at any stage of their careers.

The particular arrangement between Simon and his revision partners, Tim and Victoria, is striking for me because of its flexibility and the fact that it is not linked to specific work assignments. My first thought while reading his post was something like "Gee, I could really benefit from something like this!", and my mind began to drift to all of the interesting things that could be learned in a swap like this with the right people.

No more spoilers... go read the post yourselves and comment there. Thank you, Simon, for another thought-provoking contribution.


  1. Victoria PatienceMarch 30, 2017 12:30 PM

    I'm one of the club members and it's definitely turned out to be one of the best things I've done as a translator. Definitely recommended! I hope we'll meet next month at the IAPTI conference (I'm also presenting).

    1. I look forward to that, Victoria :-) Who thought up this particular arrangement? For years I have read gripes about clients giving insufficient feedback, and an obvious solution to such a "dilemma" never occurred to me.

    2. Only just saw your comment, Kevin! As it happens, even the idea was a stroke of collective inspiration: Tim and I had already been sharing translation tips on Twitter, and Simon had been discussing the how-to-improve conundrum on his blog for a while. I've worked in a partnership with another translator for years which involves a lot of mutual reviewing, so I suggested trying something similar and luckily the two of them didn't think I was crazy. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to your presentation on MemoQ collaboration at IAPTI: what a fortuitous topic!

  2. I've only just spotted this. Thanks, Kevin. Revision Club is still going well.


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