Mar 3, 2017

Security threat: SDL CHM Help files!

US Homeland Security deals with many threats in its daily routine: the occasional radical Islamic jihadi, lots of christofascist buddies of Bannon bombing black churches in their dreams and sometimes their neighborhoods, presidential cabinet members and maybe even The Big Orange Man himself trading their daughters, wives and mothers as well as national secrets for hard Russian rubles and caviar-grade hacking, but the greatest threat in some minds are those Help files from SDL. Bad words from bad hombres as we know.

Fortunately, working together with patriotic Americans and wannabe Americans at Microsoft, they have managed to block the pernicious content of those CHM help files in many a colleague's work environment, preventing an unimaginable number of involuntary seductions by The Dark Side.

If you are one of those fortunate people protected from mind-bending propaganda on the MultiTerm Object Model and other elements of The Dark Arts, praise all the gods and sacrifice a black chicken so that your good fortune may continue.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT allow yourselves to be led astray by seemingly innocent computer geeks suggesting that you right-click on the icon of the CHM file, select Properties and then....

... as they say in memoQ (or used to anyway), DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON!!!

If you do, there is no telling what sort of Evil may confront your eyes!

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