Mar 4, 2017

memoQ Server Mystery: The 99% Solution

Several times in the past year when working on memoQ Server projects for clients, I completed my translation but found that strangely the progress bar was stuck at 99%:

It wasn't until I took another memoQ Cloud subscription for a collaborative project and encountered the same trouble that I realized what was going on.

If you are working on a server project, and graphics in the documents have been imported as well, these are assigned some default text noting that they need to be transcribed (as part of memoQ's interesting graphics translation and substitution workflow). If there is no text to transcribe and translate in these graphics, then nothing is usually done with the graphics. In a local project this does not matter.

But that little bit of default text is in fact a problem currently in server projects. It blocks the use of the "Deliver/Return" function, which may in fact mess up the schedule planning of the project manager who assigned the work. And it is not the translator's fault.

The translator might not even see the graphics if they are not assigned. But even if they can be seen, they cannot be deleted from a checked-out project copy. Not even by someone with administrative privileges for the server.

The solution is to delete the graphics in the Manage Projects window:

This changes the progress bar to 100% after the checked-out project is synchronized, and the translated files can be delivered for further processing and review. Problem solved.

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