Dec 22, 2013

My favorite library: Project Gutenberg

I've been fond of Project Gutenberg since I first became aware of it long, long ago. However, since acquiring an e-book reader I have become especially appreciative of this resource. Time and again it has had exactly what I'm looking for in classic literature, and the portable library I've built with it has been a fine companion in my travels and on long nights when I need good words to send me to sleep.

The recent discovery of Andrew Lang's fairy books has been quite an interesting thing, and when my Portuguese teacher recently recommended José Maria Eça de Queirós as a good author to familiarize myself with dialog, I was delighted to find many of his works available there in the original language.

Why not have a browse yourself if you haven't been to the site for a while, and if you get much out of it as I do, consider making a donation to support this good work.

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