Nov 24, 2013

Help!!! online for memoQ

Many are unaware of the fact that the Help files for various memoQ editions are available online in their most current versions. There it is also possible to give feedback on the quality of information, indicating errors found or other shortcomings or letting the team at Kilgray know that a particular explanation was very helpful.

On the whole, Kilgray has excellent documentation, and the Help files are very good compared to what I have seen with other software (in any field), but with the rapid pace of development, it is an enormous challenge to keep the information updated and relevant to the major interest groups using memoQ. So please, if you find problems when accessing the most current help files online, use the link at the top right of the page to call attention to the difficulty. The Support team is very responsive, and this will ensure that the quality of information remains at a level which serves everyone well.

The URL for the latest full help file for memoQ 2013 R2 (including the Project Manager edition) is in English and in German.

Currently no help is available in other languages, just the QuickStart (aka "thick start") guide and whatever you find in third-party blogs and other pages in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian and other languages.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but with these web sites you always have access to the latest version of the Help files before they are published in another form.

  2. Kilgray's help files are so much better than SDL's that there is no comparison. SDL's help system (especially the help for Multiterm) is so badly and weirdly organized that it is usually impossible to follow the directions in a way that leads to the desired result (or to any result).

    1. Oh, there's no doubt about that, Riccardo. I nitpick the knowledgebase and Help files for memoQ so much that I think I have a bad reputation with some of the staff, who have the impression that I think the quality is actually bad by comparison with the competition. For years I have been amazed at how good it all really is, and I appreciate all their efforts. It's damned hard to keep this stuff updated too. But when one of my frustrated friends at Kilgray has heard enough of my grumbling about inconsistent terminology, typos and missing helpful tips and points out that they are doing quite well compared to SDL, I can't help but quote my British friends who always say "but that's bog standard!" The best are always capable of better.


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