Mar 1, 2012

memoQuickie: "re-registering" AWOL TMs and termbases

Recently a friend bought a new computer and copied her old translation memories and termbases onto it. But when she started the application, she was surprised they were no longer available on the new computer. Translation memories and termbases than have been moved must be "registered" on the new computer using the Register local function on the respective page (for TMs or termbases) or on the resource console (Tools > Resource console...). After this, they will appear in the relevant list.

The Register local function on the translation memories page of the resource console
The Register local function on the termbases page of the Project home tab

The folder name is the same as the database name. Inside the folder are index files (always named the same) and the MemoQTB.mtb  or MemoQTM.mtm file, which must be selected to add the termbase or TM to the active list in memoQ.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks once again for all the valuable tips and tricks!
    I just changed my projects folder from the default c:// location to a dedicated folder on a NAS drive and am trying to figure out how to reconnect the copied projects (similar to "Register local" for translation memories, term bases, etc.). Am I just thick or is there no option for reassigning/updating the paths for already existing projects in the "Manage projects" window (or elsewhere, for this matter)? Thank you in advance if you could elucidate me on this matter. Best regards, Valerij

  2. Thick? I wouldn't think so, Valerij. It is annoying that these lists are not updated. In fact, I think if you try to open a project (or TM or termbase) that has been moved, as I recall it just sort of disappears from the list without an error dialog inviting you to locate it in another place (and "re-register"). This is one of those many little points in the interface which could benefit from refinement. Perhaps things will be better in this respect in the next version (6) or some update made before then.

    I have noticed that some people have a hard time finding their resources after installing a new version or moving to a new computer. I would love to see a feature that searches specified drives for memoQ resources and offers to move them to some other organized location. And handles all the registration issues at the same time, of course.

  3. Thanks, Kevin. Exactly, I didn't realize MemoQ makes a default My MemoQ Projects folder on C:// even if the other resources like TMs etc. are on a NAS drive, my fault. So after I had to restore the C: partition from an Acronis image a few days old, one or two MemoQ projects disappeared. No wonder... In hindsight, it is another lesson which teaches to be even more careful and always consider the default file structure. I am still figuring out how to re-register the previous projects relocated to another path, even I could forego them and start-from now on-creating new projects only on the NAS drive. There are also other settings which seem to be scattered all over the place like rules, QA and TM settings,etc. The upside is now we know where to look for them. The whole thing reminds me of the early days of Mac OS X after getting used to such a nice folder structure on an old Mac. Well, thanks again, great posts, ever.

  4. I think I got it! It's not quite a straightforward solution, but nevertheless, just in case you don't want to start everything from scratch...

    So, if you relocated your MemoQ projects to another path and they disappeared from the Projects window, you could still close the program, go to the folder with the project you would like to re-register and click on the .mpr file. You would probably have to indicate the program to open the file with (or locate precisely the MemoQ.exe file), but after all the project opens and is, from now on, on the list.

    Schlau, ne?

  5. Or you use the menu option "Project > Open Project..." andd they will be reregister or updated in the list

  6. Right, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot.


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