Feb 29, 2012

memoQuickie: keyboard shortcuts for migrants

Sometimes I am asked what a particular keyboard shortcut is in memoQ. I usually answer, "I have no idea!" Why? Because as a former Déjà Vu user, I adapted my memoQ shortcuts to match DVX. Those who frequently switch applications to SDL Trados Studio or another tool can do the same for better productivity and ergonomics.

Select Tools > Resource Console... > Keyboard shortcuts. Select the default resource, then click Edit in the menu at the bottom of the dialog. This will allow you to create a "cloned" copy of the defaults, which may be edited to use the shortcuts you desire. Custom resources can be saved and exported for use on other computers.

Select the shortcut to change and type the alternative key combination
The alternative path to access keyboard shortcut resources is Tools > Options... > Keyboard shortcuts. Here you can select the active set of shortcuts.

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  1. Just to chime in with some thanks - big fan of the MemoQuickie series.


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