Jan 22, 2012

Top ten blog posts so far

Recent posts on other blogs discussing the statistics for 2011 or longer periods aroused my curiosity regarding the figures for Translation Tribulations. These are shown below. They are, however, a bit skewed; highly popular posts discussing a bankrupt agency in Zurich and its owner's attempts at harassment and deceit were removed, presumably by commissioned hackers, and the statistics only refer to specific URL access and say nothing about how often these or other posts might have been read from the scroll of the blog's main page. I also only began collecting statistics in January 2010, long after the blog was launched in 2008 and well after several popular posts appeared.

Although quite a number of these posts are rather old, only one is really without some current relevance. The perpetual concern of translators with payment issues of some sort was a significant part of half the posts.
  1. The truth about translation agencies?
    10 points for translation buyers to consider when using language service resellers (LSRs)

  2. Amazing rates
    A response template for translators to use when approached by bottom-feeding language service resellers (LSRs)

  3. No monkeys!
    A 12-step program for the Ascent of Translators

  4. Escape from Code Hell!
    One of several articles on CodeZapper, the MS Word macro collection for cleaning up tag salads

  5. Dancing in the lion's den
    Commentaries on the crowscorned attempt by LSR Lionbridge to put the squeeze on its service providers

  6. The state of OmegaT
    A guest post by Marc Prior, volunteer coordinator of the OmegaT project. He described improvements introduced in March 2010. Since then, this Open Source software has continued to improve in ways that now make it a professional tool to be reckoned with.

  7. Translating Trados TTX files with memoQ
    Still relevant after two years, this post offers detailed instructions on the best ways to translate SDL Trados TagEditor (TTX) files in memoQ. One major advantage of this approach is counting of and easy translation access to numbers and numeric dates.

  8. SDL Trados Studio 2009: BOHICA
    A post based on confusion regarding the impending release of the new SDL Trados software with a modern interface. Not really deserving of a "Top Ten" slot, its ranking shows the great interest that accompanies cost concerns about Trados software. For the record, I have seen a lot of improvement in SDL's software and policies since this post went up.

  9. How low can ProZ go?
    A very recent post which quickly became one of the most viewed ever. The post and comments reveal why the Blue Board ratings should be taken with a truckload of salt and suggest where one might find reliable sources for investigating the payment practices of translation agencies.

  10. Counting text in Microsoft Word 2010 (and 2007 apparently)
    Tips on text counts for the latest version of Microsoft Word.


  1. Congrats Kevin, your blog is quite sucessful!
    Google PageRank is 4 and the blog is listet by Alexa amongst the 1 million most frequented sites.
    Keep on rollin'

  2. Nothing unusual, Uli - most of the translation blogs I follow have the same rank or better. Thanks for the tip about Alexa; I was unaware of its functions before. Those toolbars look interesting.

  3. I ran a Swahili translation blog www.optomita.com. I do occasionally write translation tips and tricks,do check it out.


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