Jan 4, 2012

EU (DGT) translation memories for DE-EN, DE-NL and NL-EN

As part of some testing efforts, I had occasion to download the gigabyte+ of translation memory data the EU's Directorate General for Translation (DGT) made publicly accessible from the body of EU law. Aside from being massive (hundreds of thousands of translation units for most pairs) and good for stressing a translation environment tool, I find such data useful for looking up official names of directives and organizations. The English (and possibly other language text such as German, Dutch, etc.) is, as some of my British friends might say, very courageous, but if one needs to access the actual text in a target language for an EU law being quoted in the source language, this data source is perhaps a time-saver.
If anyone has a use for the German/English, German/Dutch and Dutch/English language pair TM data from this organization, here are some links to the extracted data I prepared for my tests:
And in conclusion, to honor the EU's commitment to quality in what they call English, I offer the following Frank Zappa classic:

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