Sep 7, 2011

Translation industry survey until September 23rd

In preparation for the TM Europe conference in Warsaw at the end of this month, Peter Reynolds is once again conducting a survey on the translation industry, standards and tools. Respondents include translators and interpreters, consultants, translation agencies and other intermediates as well as translation consumers (end customers). Those completing the survey will have access to the results of last year's survey - an excellent report with significant value as market intelligence for any of the aforementioned groups. I was personally surprised by how much useful information I got out of the analysis.

So if you haven't taken the survey yet, please take ten or fifteen minutes to do so now before September 23rd. Like any survey I've seen, there are questions I might have structured a little differently and items I think belong in a list (but adding them is usually an option). Nonetheless, it is well designed, and the workup of the data is very good.

The 2011 survey is here:

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