Sep 8, 2011

New joint venture for enterprise language services

(Oranienburg) Industry experts were surprised today as leading companies announced a bold new cooperative language services initiative. Soylent SemantiX GmbH combines the logistics, organizational service excellence of LionWorX Corporation, Poorina, PrAdZ, Googel and one of Germany's oldest human processing centers to harness the power that resides in the machine and the wannabe human translator.

Social reform advocates around the world welcomed the announcement for Soylent's plans to rehabilitate and reintegrate neglected resource potentials worldwide. Concurrent with the announcement of the company's founding and bold expansion plans to locations which include Calcutta (India), an undisclosed location in Myanmar and Harare (Zimbabwe), the new company's CEO, Kurt Kuhgel, revealed the signing of a pilot contract with the Texas state prison system worth USD 30 million. There it is hoped that the large numbers of incarcerated bilingual persons can be repurposed to lower translation and interpreting costs for the state government and local industry. Previous studies of this approach in the People's Republic of China indicated powerful synergies to be unleashed for the benefit of deserving parties.

Concerns that the new approach might undermine the status of current independent language service providers were allayed by revelations of the company's green strategy for translator productivity. At the same time, the implemented flow of work and resources will lower nutritional costs in the Texan program and its scale-ups at other locations. Further efficiencies will be achieved by fully leveraging the potential of the MT/post-editing workflows. The first workshops have already been scheduled in Waikiki, Hawaii to help processing units master the skills needed to surf the machine translation tsunami.

Companies wanting to be part of the future and optimize their language service costs today can contact the SoylentCare Center for more information and a free quotation.


  1. LOL, Kevin. I just hope the "industry leaders" don't read this and think "what a good idea." I know I wouldn't want MY confidential data touched by inmates... SoylentCare Center LOL - love the linked e-mail too.

  2. Jill, it really would be a shame if modest proposals such as this one were not adopted more widely. These globalized times require flexible responses by resources to the ever-growing needs of legal persons.

  3. "Soylent Grün ist Menschenfleisch!" Das wissen viele schon längst. Sie sagen und tuen aber nichts dagegen, weil sie entweder daran glauben, dass sie davon profitieren können, oder Angst davor haben, dass ihnen die Existenzgrundlagen entzogen werden, wenn solche systeme zusammenkrachen.

    Warten wir geduldig ab...

    Vor paar Wochen hat man mich noch gefragt, was der Kevin Lossner wohl bei PrAdZ immer noch zu suchen hat. Ich habe nicht drauf geantwortet, obwohl die Antwort doch offensichtlich ist - damit du weiterhin bescheidene Vorschläge wie dieser machen kannst.

    Mir gefällt dieses Stück.

  4. Kevin, have you ever thought of the reasons why those people who got processed in Germany´s oldest human processing centers were no volunteers while the joint venture of those sharks attracts volunteers?

    Isn´t it interesting to figure out why there are so many people ready for that? Don´t they know that Soylent Green is people?

    Maybe there is a parallel between the system that led to the establishment of the human processing centers and the system that attracts volunteers to the joint venture of the sharks.

  5. Wenjer,

    What about saying some nice words about the successors of former victims who no are managing the wordlwide bank system that destroy people and even entire countries (see for example: Greece)?


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