Sep 4, 2011

Amazing rates

Sometimes, contrary to the frequently cited rule, collective intelligence is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. Networking with colleagues can often be a source of positive inspiration for dealing with complex, emotionally charged situations.

Many independent translators take umbrage at the modest rates proposed by enterprising LSPs committed to the cornerstone principles of capitalism. Inappropriate responses, such as the No Peanuts! movement, abound, giving the impression that we are whining, ungrateful wretches standing in the way of important evolutionary or devolutionary processes.

Fortunately, there are those among us who take a positive attitude toward the amazing opportunities with which many of us are confronted. Here is a response one colleague recently shared on Facebook, presented here as a template for your use:
Thank you for your interesting inquiry concerning translations from [source language] to [target language].
The proposal of [fill in ridiculous rate] for translation and [fill in other ridiculous rate] for proofreading is more than flattering. However, I do not think my humble work is worthy of such lordly compensation. Normally I charge about [even lower rate]. This client-friendly rate is only possible thanks to the fact that I work about 18-20 hours a day so I am still able to pay the rent. I enjoy working long hours for a good cause.
However, for this opportunity I would like to suggest a colleague of mine, Kurt Kuhgel, who could accept this generous rate. You can find his website under this address:
I hope for your understanding.

Please note that the URL in the template is adapted for my own language combination (German to English) and may be modified for your purposes by substituting the relevant language codes.


  1. I will certainly use this template!!

  2. Ha ha, I await the opportunity to use it!

  3. Nice one! Just used it in response to ridiculous offer of 75 euros for five pages due tomorrow.

  4. Thank YOU for the template... It's better than just ignore a ridiculous offer.

  5. ... or for 9 pages due next few hours. It's a good one...

  6. Really good answer to low rate offers. Thank you! I will definitely use it.

  7. @All: Please be aware that I "stole" this text from a friend who is an agency owner, just touched it up a bit. There are some very good and ethical people out there in the LSP world who are our natural allies and who hold the same values of good service that we do. Please remember that next time you feel inclined to slag off all translation agencies.

  8. This is simply brilliant! Thank you for sharing!


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