Mar 1, 2009

US Embassy in Berlin looking for translator

The closing date for applications is March 8, 2009. Details are here.

This is a part time position for 24 hours per week, paying
about € 31,000 annually. Here is a brief description of the job responsibilities:
The incumbent exercises editorial oversight of Information Division publications, including the German-language publication Amerika Dienst, which she/he posts on the Embassy homepage and e-mails to subscribers; provides the same editorial oversight for the content of the German-language texts that are put on the Internet. In producing the Amerika Dienst publication, the incumbent selects, analyzes and, as necessary, rewrites, and translates English language materials into German and, on occasion, German-language materials into English. Provides interpreting and translation of speeches for the Ambassador or other senior Embassy or US Government officials, as required. The incumbent also proposes and develops special thematic German language publications as appropriate, and assists in other Information Division activities, as necessary.


  1. Wow, that's tempting. But I suppose they won't be willing to pay for relocation for a part-time job :-)

  2. Ask. The big concern I would have now is how the resident permits work. Things have changed drastically here, and now it is very difficult for non-EU citizens to become residents.

    Given the German editorial work they want, I would assume that natives here have an edge despite their comments about preferences to US veterans, etc.


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