Mar 22, 2009

Dilbert must work for SDL

This all sounds terribly familiar....

And now the same text round-tripped through the infamous Babelfish via German:

This is Phil, our new Vice President of Marginally Legal Activities.
Dieses ist Phil, unser neuer Vizepräsident der am Rand zugelassenen Tätigkeiten.
This is Phil, our new vice-president of the activities certified at the edge.

He’ll be leading the effort to make our user interfaces so confusing that people have to pay us for training.
Er wird die Bemühung führen, unsere Benutzerschnittstellen zu bilden, die so diese Leute muss uns für Training zahlen verwirren.
It will lead the effort to form our user interfaces which must so these people us for training pays to confuse.

We already do that unintentionally.
Wir tun bereits das unbeabsichtigt.
We do already that unintentionally.

Sure, but we can’t always rely on luck.
Sure aber wir kann nicht auf Glück immer bauen.
Sure however we cannot always build on luck.


  1. Hahaha!!

    No kidding! They should put this in their intro page :P

  2. I couldn't agree more. That's why I switched to Wordfast.


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