Mar 22, 2009

MemoQ Fest 2009

On April 23-24, Kilgray will host the MemoQ Fest 2009, an event with seminars and workshops to present the latest details of one of the new heavyweight contenders for the CAT championship title. I've been testing the software intermittently for nearly a year now, and while it does not meet all my personal expectations, which are closely attuned to the features of Atril's Déjà Vu X, the product has been closing the gap rapidly as Atril appears to have gone into hibernation.

Tools for computer-assisted translation (translation memories, concordances, terminology databases, etc.) are critical for my work, so it's important to keep up with developments and look for the best tools to create the best workflows. MemoQ is increasingly looking like a candidate for this category, so I've decided to take a few days off in April, attend the event, learn what I can about future directions and admire the Vizslas in my spare time.

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