Dec 17, 2008

Citation management with Zotero

For years now, I've been collecting information on translation tools and techniques for my own purposes or to summarize as little guidelines for my partner, friends, colleagues and others. As I embark on a few somewhat more ambitious projects of this nature, the collection of data will continue to grow beyond its already enormous proportions. It is maintained, for the most part, as semi-organized bookmarks in Firefox and a myriad of folders scattered across various hard drives and partitions. Not the best solution, really.

So I was rather excited this morning to discover Olivia Judson's review of citation management tools for research in this morning's NY Times. One tool, Zotero, is a free Firefox add-on which sounds ideal for imposing more order on my web-based research and enabling me to keep information sources straight. It has information capture and search features, note-taking, integration with OpenOffice and MS Word, and interface in more than 30 languages & a lot more. I suspect it will also be a useful tool for keeping track of information sources for large translations.

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