Jan 18, 2018

memoQfest 2018 call for papers and the memoQ Trend Report

The tenth annual conference for memoQ technology will be held by Kilgray in Budapest on May 30 to June 1, 2018. Even though the programs for these events sometimes seems overly skewed toward the bulk market, there is no better opportunity for anyone interested in the productive use of translation technology to meet and consult with experts on how to get the most out of memoQ as an individual translator, a language services broker, a corporate translation manager or someone in another technical or managerial role related to translation.

Presentation proposals for memoQfest 2018 are now being accepted; the final deadline for submissions is February 5, 2018. Why not share your expertise and help move the discussions for product development and use in a direction you feel they should go?

Today, Kilgray also published a new site discussing "trends" in translation technology and the thoughts and opinions of key personnel and memoQ users in that regard. The memoQ Trend Report isn't really a report; I'm not sure what to call it or what its purpose is, but many of the points discussed are interesting and worth thinking about. More than the content, I particularly liked the technical implementation of the new site, particularly how it works on a smartphone. The success of adaptive design here gives me something to aspire to when I get around to remaking my personal business web site one of these days. Have a look on both mobile devices and large screens, and add your thoughts to the discussions!

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