Sep 7, 2012

Translation tech newsletter deal until September 9th!

Jost Zetsche's Tool Box Newsletter has been one of my professional information staples almost as long as I have been a professional translator. The wide range of information - reviews, technical advice and other tips - has guided me in many important decisions on how best to use technology in my work.

This source is also about as neutral as you will find in the field. Though Jost has his own personal preferences for working tools, he does an excellent job of looking at all the options objectively and reporting strengths and weaknesses as well as one can be expected from a mere mortal trying to keep an overview of very dynamic technology. 

The newsletter comes in two editions: 
  • The Premium one has everything ans is packed with technical tips and tricks of the trade. It also comes with access to the whole archive of newsletters going back to 2008. 
  • The Basic edition of the Tool Box Newsletter is a FREE subscription that includes fewer articles and features than the premium edition but is still an extremely useful publication.
Those who subscribe to the Premium edition by September 9, 2012 can decide for themselves what to pay. The usual cost of an annual subscription is USD 25.00 - and worth several times that.

If you want to keep abreast of the latest developments and intrigues in the translation "industry" and benefit from insightful commentary, take advantage of Jost's promotion. This newsletter also makes an excellent gift to clients and colleagues; I gave a subscription to a favorite client earlier this year. 

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps it is worthwhile to add that if you mention the Tool Box Newsletter on your website, Jost will in turn mention your website in one of the next issues of his newsletter - a boost for networking with fellow translators from all over the world. However, irrespective of all the promotional considerations, a truly great source of information, highly recommendable (in an unlikely case that you're not a subscriber yet)

    Valerij Tomarenko
    Subscriber to Premium edition


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