Sep 16, 2012

A new look for MultiTerm XML data in memoQ & Trados

Recently I got back to testing suggestions made last year for improving the quality and usability of terminology data from memoQ and Trados MultiTerm. With a bit of a refresher for rusty XSLT skills and brilliant help with sorting challenges from Stefan Gentz of Tracom, things are now looking quite promising. Here's a first look at early results for HTML conversions of term data in MultiTerm XML format:

This approach, perhaps including other useful conversions, will be included in the chapter on "possibly useful scripts and macros" in the tutorial guide memoQ 6 in Quick Steps, which will be released very soon with over 200 pages of productivity suggestions for the latest version of Kilgray's desktop technology.

1 comment:

  1. Count me in as one of the first readers of your tutorial guide "memoQ 6 in Quick Steps". Looks like a great idea!


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