Feb 4, 2012

The Post-editor's Prayer

Our Future, which art eMpTy,
hallowed be the game!
Thy profits come,
Jaap's Will be done,
not that of Miguel or Kevin.
Give us this day
our Daily Crust
and forgive us our grumblings, 
as we forgive stomachs which grumble against us.
And lead us not into transcreation,
but deliver us from freedom,
for thine is the Kingdom
of Imagined Glory,
forever and ever.


  1. Prefer the original, of course (hehehe, even you can't compete with the guy who got language rolling in the first place!!!)
    But your version is wonderful, too - and I'll put in a good word for you if the original author questions the copyright. After all, you are ***almost*** arguing his end!

  2. Funny. But shouldn't that be "And lead us not in lost translation?"

  3. Hey, Kevin

    Thanks for the mention in your paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer. One more item off my bucket list!


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