Feb 5, 2009

The Wealthy Freelancer

It's been another one of those weeks where I've had too much to do translating and writing bills as well as frittering my time away arguing with frivolous Frenchmen in public forums. (One of these days I'll let the prophets of doom drown in their own self-pity, but I dislike the fact that they distract innocent novices from focusing on necessary skills to survive as freelance translators.)

However, I have had a bit of time to explore, and while doing so I discovered a real gem: "The Wealthy Freelancer", a blog for advice on successful freelance careers. I hate the title of the blog, and it really doesn't seem to have much to do with the actual content. The title sounds like some sleazy "get rich quick" promotion or maybe something creepy and Amway-like, but the posts have a lot of sound advice. The comments are very good too, at least those I've seen are. Check it out! (It will go into my list of recommended blogs visible here.)

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  1. Hey Kevin, thanks for recommending our blog to your readers and for the feedback on the blog's title.

    Our intention was never to come across as a source for get-rich-quick info. When we talk about being a "wealthy" freelancer we're talking abut creating a freelance business/career that enables you to reach your goals in every area of your life. In other words, using your business as a means to fuel your passions and realize your dreams.

    I recognize that this may sound cheesy to some. But we come across too many freelancers that approach their career with a "poverty" mentality (e.g., the starving writer, the artist living on canned tuna, etc.), instead of an abundance mentality. The 3 of us (and many of our freelance peers) have proven that you can earn a great living as a freelancer...AND you can use your income, freedom and flexibility to live a more fulfilling life.

    Anyway, there's a better explanation of this philosophy in our "About" page, but I wanted to clarify what the blog stands for.

    Thanks again for vising and joining the conversation!

    Ed Gandia
    The Wealthy Freelancer blog


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