Feb 5, 2009

Another good translator's site: foxdocs

I really need to look at the web sites for some of my business partners more often. In recent weeks I have found that a number of them have done complete makeovers of their online presentations, all of them major improvements. While I was transferring data to my new administration system (TO3000 for now, though it's looking like we may upgrade to Projetex for multi-client access on our network), I had occasion to look at the site for a lovely lady in New Zealand, Jayne Fox, with whom we have enjoyed a very pleasant business relationship for several years. My partner deals with her most of the time, because the texts she offers as an outsourcer are exactly what Monique likes translating most. I'm just the poor sucker who puts together the complex quotes, proofreads and writes the bills. Some girls have all the luck.

Jayne and her team are specialists for medical translations. I sort of knew this, but I didn't actually know how focused her business really is in this area. Well, the company's site makes this very clear. The design and navigation are clean and good, and the information is well presented, but the reason I wanted to highlight the sight is that it is rather unique for a small team of freelancers to be this obviously, publicly focused. Even my favorite "competitor" for chemistry translations does other things (and does them very well). I think Jayne's focus is bold and good and most likely contributes to her success. This is an excellent example of the kind of specialization that is often encouraged in our profession. And at least from what I have seen from her, this really is where the business is focused. The aesthetics aren't bad either, though Jayne tells me she cobbled it together herself with her own minimal HTML skills. Hey, she did a better job that I did, and I used to have a day job developing web applications and interfaces!

But all the pretty presentations and focus mean nothing if you don't deliver what you advertise. And she comes through very well in that regard.

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