Jan 31, 2009

Pleasant and well organized: another translator's web site

I've known Stefanie Sendelbach, an English/Chinese to German translator, for a number of years in professional forums (even before she finished her degree I think) and have also had a few very pleasant business dealings with her. I'm often reluctant to communicate with German clients and colleagues in English, but her command of my native language has always seemed so good that it's easy to forget that it's her second language. She's young and new in the business compared to many others, but I've always had the feeling that she can probably hold her own with many that have a much longer resumé.

That positive impression was reinforced again today when I took a look at her web site for the first time. My first impression was "wow - clean and quiet!". A little too much white space at the top, maybe, but the page makes a very calm impression, and it is very well organized. No flashing graphics, gaudy colors or anything else to set my nerves on edge. The best part, of course, is how her information is presented. I really like the fact that she explains the navigation on a number of her pages, telling visitors which links will take them to what information. I seldom thought of such things in the past when doing my own web pages, but after a decade and a half of cutting my way through the thickets of inscrutable web interfaces, I appreciate the value of her approach.

I also see her contact information in three places, yet it doesn't feel irritatingly redundant. She's just smart enough to be sure that you know how to get in touch with her now if you need a job done.

She's also got a nice little update column for news on the home page which mentions her new book in German on web site translation (HTML und PHP in der Website-Lokalisierung: Einführung - Hintergründe - Anwendung) and other useful information.

Other basic information that potential clients might want to know about her services is presented in a straightforward, understandable way, with good navigation in German and English. Overall I think this is another site worth looking at when one is considering how to put together a good web presence to promote your freelance translation business.


  1. Very nice. That is a WordPress template, isn't it? Must admit I very rarely update my website, but I don't look for work via the Internet either.

  2. WordPress? I don't know. I intend to ask her. That was my first thought when I saw it, and the designer does in fact do WordPress templates along with other web site templates. My own site is so overdue for an overhaul that it's really pitiful. I created it in an evening late in 2004 before I merged my business with Monique Simmer, and I've hardly had time to mess with it since then. I actually created an update and a German version in 2006, but it never made it online due to my workload. Even so it brings results, but I do intend to do a proper update at some point (this year?), and I love to look at sites like Stefanie's or others I've mentioned to get ideas. Even sites that are short on aesthetics can offer a lot of inspiration.

  3. Yes, it's an elegant, clear and informative website. I especially like the list of current projects that gets updated simply by sending short messages via Twitter. Well done!


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