Jan 25, 2009

Compendium of Translation Software, 15th edition

The Compendium of Translation Software (15th edition) has just been released as a free PDF download. This 129 page reference aims to provide a comprehensive overview of basic data on computer-based tools for translation and the support of translation processes. It includes information on tools for machine translation, machine-assisted human translation, project management, word counting, invoicing and more.

Looking at the entries for software I use, I note that the information is not completely up to date. Current versions are wrong in some cases or supported formats are missing. However, it's a good place to start, and if you are looking for a tool with support for a particular language, this is a useful research tool.

Here are some typical entries:

Déjà Vu Version: X 7.5.303
Company: Atril Software
Category: Translator workstation; Translation memory system
Languages: any
Requirements: Pentium III 600 MHz; Windows98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista; 256MB RAM
Input: Word 2.0 and higher, PowerPoint, ASCII, RTF, SGML, HTML, XML, RC, PageMaker, Interleaf, FrameMaker, JavaScript, QuarkXPress, VBScript, Adobe InDesign, BIF, EBU STL, GNU GetText
Feature: includes example-based machine translation techniques, supports TMX, integrates with CATALYST, and SDL Trados TM
Note: various editions: Editor, Standard, Professional, Workgroup
Price: € 490 (Standard), €990 (Professional), €2250 (first licence for Workgroup)
Source: http://www.atril.com

MemoQ Version: 3.0
Company: Kilgray
Category: translation workstation, translation memory
Note: compatible with TMX, TTX
Price: €450
Source: http://www.kilgray.com/

SDL Passolo Version: 2007
Company: SDL International
Category: Localization support tool
Languages: any
Requirements: PC 486; WindowsNT/2000/XP; 16MB RAM
Features: designed for software localization; Translation Simulator for checking for translation problems
Price: contact company
Source: http://www.passolo.com/en/home.htm; http://www.sdl.com/en/products/products-index/sdlpassolo.asp

Translation Office 3000 Version: 8
Company: Advanced International Translations
Category: Translation support tool
Note: accounting tool for freelance translators
Price: €159
Source: http://www.translation3000.com/translators.html


  1. Hi Kevin, I have also downloaded this very useful source of information on translation software. As you said, the Compendium does contain some outdated information. For instance, the price of MemoQ is €620 and not €450 (on Kilgray's website).

    Wouldn't it be great if, instead of a static PDF file, this information was available as a database that contained search fields? This would allow users to restrict the amount o data displayed, for instance viewing all MT systems that support Italian, all CAT tools available for Linux, all free CAT tools, etc.

  2. Yes, an online database would be nice, especially if there were some sort of feedback/update function where providers could help out by submitting new data (or others could suggest corrections).


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