Feb 6, 2020

Speech-to-text in language services and learning: an update (rescheduled)

This presentation has been rescheduled due to unanticipated conflicts. On March 4th at 4:00 pm Central European Time (10 am Eastern Standard Time), I'll be presenting an overview of some popular and/or possible platforms for generating text from spoken words for professional work and language learning. As those who have followed this blog for years know, I have written quite a bit about this in the past and done a number of videos for demonstration and instruction using various platforms, but this is a field subject to frequent change and many new developments, so it is difficult sometimes to understand the value of one tool versus another for different applications.

The webinar is available free to anyone interested, and there will be time for questions afterward. We will compare and contrast Dragon NaturallySpeaking, iOS-based applications (including Hey memoQ), Google Chrome and Windows 10 for speech recognition work in translation and transcription, discussing some of the advantages and trade-offs with each platform working in translation environments and text-editing software, and the range of languages covered by each. Join us, and see if there are good fits for your speech recognition needs!

You can register here for the discussion.

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