May 21, 2018

Best Practices in Translation Technology: summer course in Lisbon July 16-21

As usual each year, the summer school at Universidade Nova de Lisboa is offering quite a variety of inexpensive, excellent intensive courses, including some for the practice of translation. This year includes a reprise of last year's Best Practices in Translation Technology from July 16th to 21st, with some different topics and approaches.

Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies

The course will be taught by the same team as last year – yours truly, Marco Neves and David Hardisty – and cover the following areas:
  • Good translation workflows.
  • Using voice recognition in translation.
  • Using machine translation in a humane, intelligent way.
  • Using checklists to improve communication in translation.
  • Using glossaries, bilingual texts and other references in multiplatform environments.
  • Good practices for using terminology and reference texts in the target language.
  • Planning and creating lists for auto-translation rules and the basics of regular expressions for filters.

Some knowledge of the memoQ translation environment and translation experience are required.

The course is offered in the evening from 6 pm to 10 pm Monday (July 16th) through Friday (July 20th), with a Saturday (July 21st) session for review and exams from 9 am to 2 pm. This allows free days to explore Lisbon and the surrounding region and get to know Portugal and its culture.

Tuition costs for the general public are €130 for the 25 hours of instruction. The university certainly can't be accused of price-gouging :-) Summer course registration instructions are here (currently available only in Portuguese; I'm not sure if/when an English version will be available, but the instructors can be contacted for assistance if necessary).

Two other courses offered this summer at Uni Nova with similar schedules and cost are: Introduction to memoQ (taught by David and Marco – a good place to get a solid grounding in memoQ prior to the Best Practices course) from  July 9–14, 2018 and Translation Project Management Tools from September 3–8, 2018.

All courses are taught in English and Portuguese in a mix suitable for the participants in the individual courses.

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  1. I would like to register, but am getting a little lost in the Portuguese website. Even though I can read most of the Portuguese (as I speak Italian), somehow the links do not seem to connect. Is there a direct link to register? Best regards, Marijke Mayer


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